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Adulting Kit

What if there was a magical place that had oodles of grownup things you should know and do, in list, table, & spreadsheet form, all housed in one house? The boring, complex, daunting life stuff that makes you understandably ostrich your head into the sand…

Enter the Life of Yes℠ Adulting Kit.

Speaker in a Box

A digital blueprint, workbook, and VIP, behind-the-scenes guide to the actions & inner-musings of an experienced presenter that’ll chummily yet firmly guide you in being a paid speaker. Bonus: a community of stranger-friends taking the same journey and face to face “she’s done this” support via regular virtual group gatherings.

Storytelling Showcase

An inspiring gathering of people challenging themselves and sharing themselves via storytelling. An adult recital if you will.

1 on 1 Consulting

Mac & Cheese Productions℠ equips you with the tools to design your life to fit YOU via one-on-one consulting.

Life of Yes℠ Storytelling Class

Storytelling class geared towards people who feel they don’t have any stories or who want support in unearthing their stories. Also geared towards folks who think public speaking, storytelling, sharing about themselves in front of others sounds like the worst thing ever.

Life of Yes℠ Workshop: Design Your Dream Life (Via Tiny Steps, Using What You Have)

Dive deep into the Life of Yes℠ philosophy and way of being. Saya shares personal stories from her life — one of fulfillment and traveling non-traditional paths — and offers ideas on how you can create the life you want. If you’re looking to answer “What do I want to do?” or “How do I get more out of life?” this class will get those wheels turning.

Online Communities

M&C curates a variety of “by invitation” online groups, all rooted in helping to foster connections and in providing a space to support like-minded yet diverse individuals. Insert yourself into the M&C community and let your YES! light shine bright, you’ll get an invite to join.


Expand your network and knowledge of interesting ways to explore the world in a low-key, no-pressure, comfy way. Everyone comes solo.