Sparkle & Shine With Saya

“We’re all in this together” virtual cleaning sessions that result in feeling good about yourself and one gorgeous area of your home. So we’re clear about the FUN to be had: you will actually be cleaning. Alongside Saya and whomever else joins. Like having a workout buddy or a writing buddy, how ‘bout a cleaning buddy? You still gotta do the work but with a buddy, it feels less like work. Fun, even. You keep going when you’re ready to give up. You learn how to be more efficient and thorough. You find surprise inspiration and motivation. You push yourself. You finish what you start. And at the end, you group celebrate your victories.
Throughout adulthood, Saya has cleaned for fun. Creating those win-win-win scenarios she loves so, she now, businessplanschmissnessplan, also employs a cleaning crew and cleans for money and penned a “how to clean” e-book. A fan of making life easy and easier, Saya has transformed her knowledge and passion and her affinity for systems and spreadsheets into an actionable, realistic, empathetic blueprint for non-tortuous sparkle & shine. It’s a warm, “You can do it!” hug.


Cleanings are what you’d do for a “regular” cleaning, not a deep clean. E.g. we won’t be doing the interiors of the oven, cabinets, or fridge.

Make sure you select the right edition!

If you have any trouble with the ticket widget, you can register directly on Eventbrite: Bathroom | Kitchen. Facebook Event if you’d like to keep track or invite others to join you: Bathroom | Kitchen.

"Sparkle and Shine was GREAT. There was no fluff or time wasted, it was all focused work with insightful guidance from Saya, who is clearly a seasoned cleaning professional. The time flew by and I took on tasks in my bathroom that I hadn't touched in years. It was well worth the time and between Saya's guidance and her bonus resources, such a great bang for my buck!"
“The only time this bathroom has ever looked better is when Saya Hillman’s cleaned it herself! Just wrapped up Sparkle & Shine With Saya: Bathroom Edition and couldn’t be more happy with the process. Learned a ton all while having motivation knowing a screen full of other people are in it with ya! Looking forward to some of the upcoming Sparkle & Shines!”
“Saya is the perfect sparkle and shine guide: realism and optimism embodied. She’s like the older sister you wish you had that has it all figured out but isn’t judgmental. Perfect covid Sunday activity!”
“Today was amazing. I was terrified to jump in, but I knew with you I'd be in a judgement-free zone. I even did a bonus and organized one of the drawers. It never looked so good! THANK YOU, Saya! I had no idea this would give me as much of a boost as it did. Seeing one clean space in my house helped me feel energized the rest of the day.”
“Who knew that cleaning my sister’s bathroom for more than 2 hours would be so gratifying?! I learned so much from you today. It was so great to virtually clean with other people. You shared so many tips that were new to me. If anyone is looking for a way to feel a sense of accomplishment during Shelter In Place (or any time), they MUST participate in your virtual cleaning session! Saya, you made cleaning suck less. Mission accomplished.”
“I LOVED the cleaning class. It's exactly what I needed, not just in quarantine times, but before that. I avoided cleaning because I didn't really know what to do and when I did clean I let it take over my day. I appreciated doing this alongside other people - so fun and vulnerable. Being on camera helped me say with it vs passively consuming a webinar. I love how my bathroom turned out, I was so proud of myself like a little kid who cleaned up her room. It was a great investment in myself, learning a new skill and having a shiny result at the end. This will save me a ton of money in cleaning service fees in the future too. I'm looking forward to taking more of these classes - living room, car, kitchen, oven. I will definitely recommend your classes to friends and clients!!”
"Boy, our kitchen is cleaner than it has been in the five years we've lived here! Saya is great at keeping you enthusiastic and directing you in a chill way that allows you to fall behind, speed up, skip something, or do it exactly as planned, without judgment or worry. At first I thought the pressure of keeping-up was going to be too hard for me, but once I realized she was proud of me even if I stopped for a half hour to eat a candy bar, I was sold. Having other people there creates an atmosphere of togetherness without the pressure of competition. I did this with my fiancé and it was a surprisingly good morning date! Highly recommended, especially for the cleaning clueless like us."
"Although I have been cleaning my bathroom for many years, I knew you would be able to share some creative and insightful tips. I am now a Bon Ami powder convert. It was strange cleaning together, albeit in different locations. However, it didn't feel like work at all. One might even say it was almost fun. It was definitely satisfying."
"Have you ever used Q-tips to clean? No, me neither. Do you think it's a crazy idea, but you want a clean house with maximum fun? too! Then take a Sparkle & Shine class with Saya. You'll follow along in your space making it sparkle and shine! Saya supports you the whole way - sending pre lists, great tips, sending tons of info after, and fill of congrats and way to gos throughout! You'll maximize your cleaning time, minimize the ick, and use Q-tips to clean! I will forever take Saya's classes and recommend you do too!"

Sparkle & Shine is for you if you want —

  • to do anything other than clean
  • to finally cross something off your To Do List that’s been there for too long
  • to increase your level of home focus, serenity, and comfort
  • to lessen overwhelm connected to the cleanliness of your home
  • to lessen anxiety, shame, or stress connected to the cleanliness of your home
  • to exert as little effort or thought as possible on cleaning yet still have a clean home
  • someone you trust tell you “clean in this order” and “use these supplies”
  • a-ha moments that’ll change your approach to and result of cleaning
  • insider tips from someone who loves to clean
  • to learn how to make cleaning manageable, part of your routine, and enjoyable even
  • thorough cleaning support but in a lighthearted, non-judg’y way
  • some human “contact” and camaraderie
  • to feel successful and “I did that” glee
The bulk of our time together will be actually cleaning. Step by step, we’ll go top to bottom, wall to wall, with Saya cleaning alongside you and explaining why and how. We’ll start with one small task and upon completion, move onto the next small task, and upon completion…You get the idea. And then all of a sudden, you’re done and you get to stand back and admire your sparkle & shine! 


  • Primary goal — Feeling good about yourself and one gorgeous space that brings you joy
  • Secondary goal — The knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to maintain that space and joy
  • Tertiary goal — A different experience. Community. Light-heartedness.

To Bring

  • Basic cleaning supplies from the list you’ll receive from Saya (they’ll all be items that you hopefully already have)
  • A device you can connect to the internet/wife that you can bring to the area being cleaned (laptop, tablet, phone) and be able to stand up (if you don’t have a tripod for your phone or stand for your tablet, leaning the device against a wall or the like will work)