Are you yes’y?
Do you like win-win-wins?
Do you trust Saya?
Are you available Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 8:30-9am CST to hop on a Zoom?
If yes x 4, join the Secret Project No. 2.*


It’s free; all ya gotta do is —

  • Sign up below by 11:59PM CST tonight
  • Check your email at 8AM CST tomorrow for the Zoom link (check spam if you don’t see it in your inbox)
  • Show up on time (latecomers won’t be admitted)
  • Bring yourself (pjs, hotmess hair, no makeup, sleep in your eye, and a huge mug of coffee not only welcomed but encouraged; if you show up looking professional and put together, that’s welcome too)
  • Have your video on for the entire time
  • Stay for the entire time
  • Be ok with having no idea what you’ll be doing
Come solo. Come with friends. Anyone welcome as long as you’re good people.
No one has died in eighteen years of Mac & Cheese’ness; pretty sure that streak will continue here.
If it says closed and it’s before midnight Tuesday, that means all the spots were taken; play again next time!
*This is in no way connected to Secret Project No. 1.