Handpicked Supper Club

“Go where you are common but also where you are rare.” – Megan Smith, 3rd CTO of the US

An intimate evening with innovative, successful, confident people. Cause sometimes it’s nice to be the student instead of the teacher, the sponge instead of the water, the flower instead of the fertilizer.

This is one of those elitist, invite-only shindigs.

Be the person people clamor to talk to, be in the Mac & Cheese world, and you may see an HPSC invite in your inbox one of these days.

Surround yourself with people who are better than you. 

“I joined a ping pong league and I lose every week. Normally when I play my friends, I completely dominate them. While it feels nice to win, losing and being around better players helps me elevate my game.”

– Noah Kagan, internet entrepreneur and founder of AppSumo