Field Trips & Recess

Remember back in school when we shoved our way onto a bus for a field trip or streamed out the door for recess? You probably have YAY! and UGH! memories. Keep the associated goodness — the learning, fun, adventure — and remove the ick — the mean girls, the best swing being taken, not knowing whom to play with — and you’re left with Life of Yes℠ Field Trips & Recess.

We partner with superheroes from all walks of life who have gifts to share and either adventure out to their space (Field Trip) or host an in-house experience with them (Recess).


We love introducing you to new people, neighborhoods, activities, businesses, food, culture…

We love getting you to try new things. Especially if the thing is something you’d never do.

We love hands-on, thought-provoking, interactive.

We love giving you something to look forward to.

We love supporting small businesses and friends with small businesses.

We’re superheroes when it comes to making you feel welcome and comfortable even if you’re solo, socially awkward, quiet, introverted (way too many group outings led by leaders who can’t lead, areweright?!)

We love options that aren’t Barleycorn.

We believe that adult-you (and us) should still play, giggle, explore.

Who, What, When, & How

Field Trips and Recess range in price, timeframe, location, size, and activity. Sign-ups are first-come.

The who will always be the same — Cheese-Its. And thus, the who will also always be different — who knows which Cheese-Its will sign up for which offerings?! One thing you do know is that you’ll be with quality folks. Cause, Cheese-Its.

Come solo, on a date, with your mom, with your friends, with co-workers, with your enemy to show her how you’re living your best life…

Dare we say that we may even occasionally play hooky?! Living life at 1pm on a Tuesday is magical.

Refund policy: there are no refunds or credits. If you can no longer join us after you register, you may transfer your spot to someone else via Eventbrite. Finding that person and handling the transfer is your responsibility.

Field Trips

These take place outside of Mac & Cheese Productions℠, usually in Chicago, and we’ll meet at the destination. Occasionally, we’ll head to the suburbs or out of state and/or travel together.


These take place at Mac & Cheese Productions℠ in Wicker Park (near Division & Ashland). 

Upcoming Offerings

To see if there are any upcoming offerings, head to the Calendar Page.

If you don’t see an offering, you can sign up for the newsletter and/or follow Mac & Cheese on social to get notified when offerings are added.

Sample of Past Offerings

  • Recess: Own the Room – Building Confidence Under Pressure
  • Recess: Ben Franklin Circle
  • Field Trip: Chicago Glass Collective

Got an idea for a Field Trip or a Recess?

Let us know below. Self-nomination a-ok.

Want a customized Chicago travel plan or one-on-one tour guide for visiting parents, to impress clients, because you’re new to town? Check out the Mac & Cheese Concierge program.

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