Saya loves sharing her personal and professional experiences and knowledge with others and then helping them apply that information to their own lives. Her offerings are personable, comfortable, and genuine, and she makes unsexy topics perhaps not sexy but at least interesting and helpful.

Evernote Tutorial: You want to use it, you just don’t know how

Saya’s first conversation with her now husband was about their love of spreadsheets. A Huffington Post article called her “Chicago’s productivity-guru”. She is an Evernote Certified Consultant.

Are you any of these people?

Person #1:

I’ve heard of Evernote and want to use it but need help getting started and understanding what I can do with it.

Person #2:

I downloaded Evernote forever ago but don’t use it because —

  • I don’t know where to start
  • It’s overwhelming
  • I don’t know how to use it

Person #3:

I have Evernote but it didn’t work for me so I stopped using it. I’d like to give it another go.

If yes, this tutorial is for you.

Over the years in her productivity class, Saya has heard some version of the above repeatedly. You are not alone. She herself in fact was Person #2. She downloaded Evernote and used it sporadically for a few weeks mostly because everyone else was using it and she thought she was late to the party. But she felt more frustration and “What am I doing?!” than productiveness and “This is a lifesaver!” so she stopped using it. A year later, when she decided to try again, really give it a chance, and commit time and brain space to learning it, she had her a-ha Evernote moment. And now she can’t imagine life without the white and green elephant.

If you’re searching for your a-ha Evernote moment, let Saya make a believer out of you.

Tutorial Deliverables

  • Why you want Evernote in your life
  • How to set up Evernote (or re-set up Evernote, if you’re like Saya and your initial system left much to be desired)
  • How to get the most out of Evernote features and capabilities
  • How to set up the rest of your life to sync seamlessly with Evernote
  • Specific examples of ways to use Evernote, both personally and professionally, most rooted in efficiency, productivity, and time management

Saya has run a successful business since 2004, filled with event curation, keeping track of and adhering to deadlines, wrangling thousands of people, being laid-back yet professional, traveling the frugal path, and wearing many hats, which she has managed to do while keeping her sanity and with a smile on her face. It can be done!

The Mac & Cheese Productions℠ Evernote referral link if you’d like to download it and try Premium for free.


"People had recommended Evernote to me in the past, but I never knew where to start. Saya gave specific tips not only on how to use Evernote but what to use it for. I very quickly was able to gain benefits from it as a place to share information with my husband that would have previously been exchanged via email then quickly lost by both of us. Saya made me an Evernote convert!"
"Saya's Evernote webinar was a godsend for both my professional and personal life. Having downloaded the program but never understanding how to use it, I would look at that little elephant icon and know that I was missing out on something that would make life easier. With Saya's expert, entertaining and easy to follow instructions and examples, I've finally incorporated this program into my work and personal organization. Instead of feeling like it's just too overwhelming to learn a new tech tool, Saya broke down all the elements and made a program like Evernote, which at first seems so complex, become manageable and fun. I'm still discovering new and cool things I can do with Evernote."
"OMG... Evernote to organize the Christmas gift process!!! Just started my notebook! • Items I've purchased (without specific people to give them too) • people to buy for • wishlists for the girls and hubs... so I can keep track of needs and wants Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!"