Cross It Off Club

A focused, distraction-free, consistent protection of time and space for you to do you alongside focused others.
  • Do you have something on your To Do List that’s been there for far too long and is now a source of stress, guilt, or feeling like a failure?
  • Do you keep pushing back the “deadline” of a task or project?
  • Are you really good at finding things to work on that aren’t THE thing you actually need/want to be working on?
  • Have a hard time reaching completion? Are you constantly stopping and starting and hamster’ing in the hamster-wheel?
  • Do you enjoy working solo but amongst others whom are also working?
  • Or maybe you just want time to unaplogetically self-indulge and read trashy magazines while curled up in armchair before you do a puzzle?
  • Are you ready to finally cross “it” off?
Then you’re ready to be a member of the Cross It Off Club (CIOC).
Cross If Off Club members gather virtually for two hours, once a month, for the year, to work separately, together.

Times are CDT; convert for your location. For accountability, motivation, and inspiration, it’s encouraged to have your video on but it’s not required. You should be able to attend live; this is not a replay offering. No refunds so make sure you can join before you register. If you have any trouble with the widget, you can register directly on Eventbrite.




Last* Sunday of the month 7-9pm CDT; due to holidays, a few of the Sundays are not the last Sunday

  • 1/30/22
  • 2/27/22
  • 3/27/22
  • 4/24/22
  • *5/22/22
  • 6/26/22
  • 7/31/22
  • 8/28/22
  • *9/18/22
  • 10/30/22
  • *11/20/22
  • *12/18/22


  • An internet and video capable device with the most recent Zoom downloaded
  • Whatever materials you need for you to do you

Bring your unfinished projects, the guilt-ladened items glaring at you from the fridge post-it or that abandoned list of last year’s goals. Your adulting tasks. Meal planning. Taxes. Receipts. Cleaning. Spreadsheets. It’s much more fun (and effective) to work on your to-do list when everyone around you is also hunkering down. Or perhaps you want to use the time for relaxation, reflection, or simple fun. Bring that YA novel you’ve been dying to read. Those trashy magazines eyeing you from the guilty pleasure drawer. The painting you keep promising you’ll get back to. The scarf you want to knit. The letters you want to write. The journal you want to fill. The puzzle still in the box.

Pay to do something you can do on your own? But why? Well, it’s still on your To Do List, right? So you could do it but you haven’t. And we all know how horrible we are at prioritizing ourselves. Becoming a CIOC Member is you putting yourself first. You could do sit-ups whenever you want. Do you? That’s why we hire the trainer and pay for a gym membership. Sometimes you need a push — at Cross It Off Club, the push is a short yet long amount of time alongside other focused individuals for you to do you. Bonus: even though you’ll be doing your own thing, it’s really nice to see familiar faces.


"Thank you so much for a very productive Cross it Off Club. I can't believe how much I got done and that I actually enjoyed it! Looking forward to (our next) meeting already."
"I fell asleep last night feeling 1000% better about the mess that is my accounting."
Cross it Off Day is, without exaggeration, the best anxiety-relieving concept/tool/event that's come into my life. I've been attending for about a year, and knowing that I always have one coming up within the next few months gives me such peace of mind. All the little things (and sometimes not so little) that are important yet easily put off, can be relegated from 'I'll do it "later"' to "I'll do this at my next Cross it Off Day". There's a place for those things now. Saya, thank you for giving me the opportunity to write some very important letters, emails, streamline financial stuff, and meet some awesome people!
"What an inspiring day!  Thank you for creating the format and facilitating such a successful event.  I hope you'll do it again as I'd love to come back!"
"GAME CHANGER!!! I'm having the most productive and happiest Monday I've had in awhile."
"I admit, when I heard about this initially, I thought, 'Why would I pay to do something I can do on my own?' I get it now. I got done in 10 minutes today things that I couldn't get done in the past three months."
"You're a magical-fairy. Every event of yours that I attend, I leave feeling good and having been productive."