Chicago Concierge

“I’d been following Saya’s amazing and uplifting work for a number of years so when I was planning a work trip to Chicago and knew I didn’t want to do the standard touristy stuff, I knew who to get in touch with to help me make the most of the little spare time I had in town. And Saya lived up to all of my expectations. Great and energising company and super well-connected, Saya showed me a part of Chicago I never would have discovered on my own. In a few short hours we covered (on city bikes!) a great museum, one of them most impressive shops I’ve ever been to (could have been another museum), and a great social enterprise. She clearly knows and loves her town and you feel it. A big thanks and a warm recommendation to anyone traveling to Chicago.”

— Elizabeth, London, UK

From a personalized travel plan to a personable tour guide, Saya’s your Chicago Concierge

An obviously lost couple was standing outside the Clybourn Red Line stop, swiveling their heads from their phones down North Avenue, back up the other way, to their phones. Saya approached and asked, “Do you need directions?” The instant look of relief and gratification on their faces swelled her heart. In a minute, she was able to tell them exactly what they needed and after their effusive thanks, watched them walk confidently toward Old Town. She remained heart-swelled for the rest of the day.

One of the constants at many of Saya’s events is her sharing of things to do in this magical city that aren’t the Bean or the Cubs or the Field Museum. Nothing wrong with those places, nothing wrong with eating at Pizzeria Uno but there’s soooo much more. She adores opening Chicagoans eyes to the Wholesale District, Second Fridays, Paper Machete, Dat Donut, the Burnham Greenway, Sikia Restaurant, Stanley’sCafe Jumping Bean, and and and ….

Saya’s first job out of school, a Program Manager at a literacy organization, took her to neighborhoods she had never been in and many she didn’t know existed. There are hills on the Southside?! There’s a warehouse store at North & Grand with much better prices than the big-box stores?! She is ever grateful that her schools were located on 133rd St and on Austin Boulevard; this introduction of the South and West sides combined with a childhood in Evanston and an adulthood North and East in the city, a knack for directions, and an exploratory soul has a created a well-rounded, in the know Chicagoan.

Called “the Accessible Oprah”, Saya can talk to anyone and makes everyone feel comfortable. She’s interesting, knowledgeable, quick-witted, personable, and a great balance of listener and chatter.

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Who are concierge services for?

  • You’re visiting Chicago from elsewhere for personal or professional reasons
  • You’re visiting Chicago to see if you want to move here 
  • You’re new to Chicago or will be soon
  • You’ve lived in Chicago for awhile and don’t feel like you’re taking advantage of everything the city has to offer
  • You live in Chicago and have guests coming in for a visit from elsewhere — a client, in-laws, college buddies…

And you want

  • to get the most out of Chicago
  • to discover off the beaten path Chicago
  • to feel comfortable getting around Chicago
  • an easy Chicago
  • a local’s Chicago

What are Saya’s Interests?

  • leisure biking
  • improv, storytelling, stand up, and live lit
  • pretty neighborhoods and specifically gorgeous houses
  • walkable neighborhoods
  • neighborhoods you wouldn’t necessarily consider ‘touristy’
  • public transportation
  • experiences over things
  • travel, especially five-star travel via budget prices
  • productivity
  • free
  • outdoor markets, concerts, festivals, shows
  • board games
  • hiking
  • helping adults gain confidence, move on from ick, and find a community
  • helping adults figure out the answer to ‘What do I want to do in life?’ and ‘Where should I live?’
  • college campuses
  • giving referrals — venues, productivity apps, vendors, activities, books…
  • musicals
  • ways to meet others that are the antithesis to ‘networking’ and ‘singles’ events
  • helping lil’ guys get business
  • entrepreneurism
  • public housing
  • coffeehouses
  • volunteering with an eye towards children in low-income communities
  • ice cream stores
  • pedicures
  • coworking spaces
  • adult education
  • short cuts, hidden gems, and frugality

If your interests fall outside of above, no problem! Saya guarantees she can create a memorable experience for you based on your proclivities.


Choose one or both

Travel Plan: $147

A personalized travel plan based on your dates, budget, goals, and interests delivered pre-arrival so you can plot out your days, make reservations, buy tickets, all the things necessary for an experience to remember.

To ensure you have the best chance of being able to do what you want to do, Saya recommends that you get your Travel Plan delivered at least four weeks in advance of your trip. Plans are delivered within seven business-days of receiving your Customization Questionnaire. Rush plans may be available for a $75 Rush Fee, depending on Saya’s availability.

To fill out your Customization Questionnaire and buy your Travel Plan:



Tour Guide: $340 (half-day, up to 4 hours); $560 (full day, up to 8 hours)

Saya takes you on a customized journey based on your dates, budget, goals, and interests via your preferred method (bike, feet, public transit, or car). Price is per tour and can include as many people as you’d like*.

Planning outside of the Tour is not included.

You cover your costs and Saya covers hers, such as —

  • bike rental
  • public transit
  • tickets, passes, etc.
  • food and drink

*If you want a car-tour and have more than three people, contact Saya for the additional ‘bigger car’ fee; parking, gas, tolls, and all other vehicle related costs are included in the price within city limits. There is an additional fee for trips outside of city limits, dependent on distance.

To check Saya’s availability, fill out below and she’ll get back to you. Payment is due upon booking Saya after which she’ll send you a questionnaire to help her customize your time together.

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