Bootcamp: Public Speaking – The Business Side

This is part of the Life of Yes℠ Bootcamp series. Current other editions are “Public Speaking – What & How To Share” (choosing, creating, and sharing content) and “Sales & Self-Promotion“.

If you’re already an experienced speaker, you feel comfortable with your content (website, assets, etc.), you’re happy with what you’re getting paid and your number of gigs, this Bootcamp isn’t for you — this is for folks who want to be a speaker or who’ve been in the game for a short bit.


"The internet is filled with bullsh*t business coaches, marketers, and beyond trying to swindle you for every buck you have for knowledge you can't do anything with. Saya throws that industry on its head by giving so much value at a wonderful price. Her genuine generosity and desire to help others is incredible. She makes high-level knowledge and content accessible to people of a wide range of backgrounds. What an amazing thing to be doing good for people by inspiring them while also running a business. With every little nudge and words of encouragement from her, I get one step closer to achieving my goals. However you buy into the goodness of Saya, you will get it back ten- fold."
"I've always been something of an anti-speaker. I never raised my hand in grade school and placing my order at Starbucks gives me anxiety. The problem is, I have things to say. And I want to feel confident saying them. Saya's public speaking bootcamp was a huge first step in gaining that confidence. She provided an awesome, welcoming environment, and both she and the other Cheese-It participants were incredibly supportive. Saya helped me confront my own security blanket of excuses and, for the first time, say, 'I am a speaker.'"

How many of these do you “Yes”?

  • Does public speaking or calling yourself a ‘speaker’ freak you out yet also intrigue you?
  • Are you already a speaker who wants to be more of a speaker? More gigs? More well rounded?
  • Does the idea of getting paid to share your interests sound neat?
  • Does the idea of getting paid to speak sound neat?
  • Does the idea of getting to travel to speak sound neat?
  • Do you want to be more comfortable creating and asking for speaking fees?
  • Do you want to know what else you should be asking for outside of fees?
  • Do you want to learn how to better promote yourself as a speaker?
  • Do you want to create a Speaker Webpage but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Are you curious what other tools besides a webpage you should have as a Speaker?
  • Do you have stories or thoughts you want to share publicly?
  • Do you feel like you don’t have stories or thoughts others would want to hear but you’d like to explore?
  • Are you interested in learning speaker best practices outside of your actual presentation, like interacting with event organizers and engaging with the audience?
  • Can you come up with a gazillion excuses why you’re not and never will be a Speaker?

Do you fear the moment when

  • Someone asks you how much you charge?
  • You submit a quote, immediately wishing you had charged less?
  • You see a quote response in your inbox, afraid to open it because you know they won’t pay you what you want?
  • Someone asks you what your qualifications are?
  • Someone asks you what you speak about?
  • You make your thoughts public?
  • People realize you’re a fraud, that you don’t know what you’re doing, and/or you’re not worth the price you’re asking?
Are you ready to stop being intrigued and to take action?
Are you ready to next-level it when it comes to being a speaker?
Then this Bootcamp is for you.
Public Speaking – The Business Side teaches you avenues to being a speaker that work with what you already possess. No having to get certified in this or having to attend that. No e-book or fifteen-step program to buy or coach to hire. No waiting or analyzing or running things by others.



  • How to feel comfortable calling yourself “a Speaker”
  • How to figure out what to speak about
  • How to get speaking gigs
  • What tools you need to be a Speaker
  • Creation/updating of your Speaker Page
  • How to feel comfortable talking Speaker money — asking to get paid, what to charge, when to give a discount/speak for free


What to bring

A laptop/tablet is VERY useful but not mandatory. Note-taking materials strongly suggested, there is A LOT of info covered. Lunch/snack for yourself if you feel you’ll get hungry (eating during class a-ok!).


Mac & Cheese Productions℠ is located in Wicker Park, near Ashland and Division. Exact address sent upon registration.


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Instructor Background

Saya’s been self-employed since 2004 (after getting fired). Without spending any money on marketing or incurring debt, she found a way to cobble together a career that beautifully, organically, and randomly meshes her skills and interests. She had $300 in savings when she started her business and has no training in anything she does, choosing to DIY and figure it out as she goes. There was no blueprint and instead of that paralyzing Saya, it invigorated her and since Day 1, she’s been harnessing and adapting the magic that is entrepreneurism, including a speaking career that includes numerous keynotes and a TEDx. She still hasn’t figured it all out and probably never will but she has figured out a variety of things and those things just happen to be sources of terror for many.