Accountability Buddy

In the years that Mac & Cheese has been around (circa 2004), one of the hairiest challenges for people who’ve come through the proverbial doors has been accountability. In health, finances, creativity, you name it.

The M&C network is expansive and filled with people who are ridiculously good at A. Yet who struggle with B. And who are surrounded by people who are ridiculously good at B.

You don’t want to burden friends.

You don’t want to spend money.

You don’t want to add another To Do task to the list.

You do want an easy, economical, beneficial way to get stuff done.

One of M&C’s superpowers is connecting A’s to B’s, and helping you get stuff done easily, economically, and win-win’y, so let’s see if we can create some accountability magic.

Steps to An Accountability Buddy

  • Fill out the form below
    • questions asked are in attempt to get win-win matches
    • the more specific and honest you can be, the better
    • we don’t want to waste your time, their time, or M&C time
    • you’ll be able to indicate what your ideal Buddy looks like (online vs face to face, how often you interact, how you interact, areas of proficiency, etc)
  • If there’s a potential match, M&C will intro you two and you’ll take it from there

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