Need direction in life? Wear a lanyard.

ID card

Though I’ve taught digital media in Chicago Public Schools for years, this is the first year I agreed to a full-time part-time position at a school (one class every day for a portion of the school year).  Besides perks like a regular paycheck and being a part of a fantastic staff instead of a mystery woman with a camera who floats in and out, there is a benefit which I did not expect.  The ID card.

I have an ID card and lanyard for the first time, and it’s amazing!  When it’s around my neck, I plant my steps firmer, my head is higher, I move with more purpose.  I could probably even add fractions or not eat a whole bag of Hostess powdered-sugar donuts in one sitting if I had it on.

I wonder if this is why medical-people insist on wearing their stethoscopes when they go across the street for a Potbelly’s sandwich?  I used to think they were just being full of themselves, look at me, fancy doctor-pants! but if they get the same rush I do from my ID card and lanyard, I understand completely.

I’d recommend getting one, even if it just says “Bob Smith, Chicagoan.”  Magical!