Meat raffle, Star Wars, and Color Me Badd – just another Thursday night


Tonight I went on what was advertised as the “Last pub crawl of the summer…Let’s ride!”  Biking,beer and nightfall – who wouldn’t think that’s a great idea?

Went to three bars I had never been to (Archie’s, Rite Liqours, and Mickey’s).  Would’ve been five bars but I wimped out before Small Bar and Christina’s.  Midnight on a school night was as late as I could push it.  There were about forty? of us.  Mostly “biker” types – grungy clothes, tats, chains, odd-looking hats.  Friendly crew.  I came home to an email from one of the dudes, signing up for a Mac ‘n Cheese Mingler.  The girl in the above pic is going to a Meat Raffle on Saturday.  People bid on various cuts of meat.  You can walk away with nothing, you can walk away with pounds.  She took home seven turkeys once.  Sadly, Mickey’s  jukebox did not have Color Me Badd.  I was commiserating with the guy in above pic.  Megan who works at Red Hen Bakery said if a guy is into Star Wars, that’s a complete turn on.  I voice-high-fived her and said, “You and I are so not in competition for the same guy!”