Idea Potluck – ☆ “Nice, Single Guy” Edition ☆

Idea Potluck - ☆ "Nice, Single Guy" Edition ☆

Date & Time

01/24/2017 | 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


“Nice, Single Guy” Idea Potluck is where all the Dishes are nice, single men who’ll say yes to anyone who asks them on a non-date as a result of the evening. A non-date is a low-key, no pressure hangout. The Dishes are a mix of straight and gay. Audience members can be single or attached, gay, straight, or anything in between.

Idea Potluck is about ideas rather than food, bringing together a diverse array of people who each get six minutes to share whatever they’d like to share. As an audience member, you sit back, absorb, and enjoy! Relaxed, fun way to meet others, learn, and be entertained.


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