I’ve never been excited to drink beer. Until now.

I am excited to drink beer.

If you know me, you know nothing remotely close to those words have ever come from my lips. I’m the girl who went on a brewery tour of Michigan (nine watering-holes in twenty-four hours) and had a Diet Coke at each one. I’m the girl who ordered a margarita in a Belgian bar (not surprisingly, the worst margarita I’ve ever had).

But the ridiculously-talented Kim Leshinski of Hail to the Ale, a community of beer enthusiasts supporting the local craft beer and homebrewing scene, has me counting down the days until I can indulge in beery-delights. Why?

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Not only did she brew THREE types of beer for our nuptials as part of our almost 100%-bartered wedding, she also designed labels that are gorgeous, completely us and completely our laid-back, casual, backyard BBQ theme (check out how nicely they complement our bartered wedding-invitation from Spilled Ink Press!) and totally make me feel like a hipster. I think a handlebar moustache is starting to grow on my upper lip.

#Petaya guests, make sure you find your way over to the bar on September 1st to try Kim’s creations.

Check out Kim’s other designs here and her upcoming beer event at Brew Camp here. Brew skills? Check. Graphic design skills? Check. Nice person? CHECK. She is a true example of the magic that can happen when you combine your passions and skills!

Beer-folk, which flavor do you think I’ll like?!?!