Is late afternoon egg ‘n ham too much to ask?

I’m not one to go to bed super-late, sleep in past 7:30, or drink much, if anything, these days, but I went to bed at 5:57AM this morning after a night of consuming a few too many Pabst Blue Ribbons and slept till 11:30.  Well, I actually woke up at 9:30 and lay in bed listening to Car Talk and Wait Wait – Mo Rocca, why won’t you answer any of my marriage proposal emails?!? – flipping through all the things I should’ve done yesterday and need to get done today but unable to make my legs swing out from under the covers.

That’s all besides the point.  What’s important is that never have I craved an Egg McMuffin like I did while laying in bed and never have I been more disappointed that I can’t make time stand still.  McDonald’s needs to serve breakfast all day, at least on the weekends.  Enough with this 10:30 cutoff.