Guiltee pleasure


General policies I try to follow when it comes to my music selection:

1. No to songs and artists that use ridiculous spelling – Ke$ha, “birthdaze,” and “holla”

2. No to songs that turn an innocent and lovely childhood experience into a sexual innuendo  – “Sun-kissed skin so hot it’ll melt your popsicle”

3. No to songs whose music video includes a girl shooting whipped cream from cans attached to her breasts

4. No to songs that mention “daisy dukes”

5. No to Snoop Dog

Unfortunately, Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” is catchy, delicious, and I’ve had it on repeat for the past two days.

Update: YouTube seems to be not letting people embed this song anymore, which is why you may see a large blank space above.  If you’d like to watch it, and you really should, head over to the Tube and check it out there.