Grow a pair!

I was privy to an e-conversation about an upcoming party which made me very appreciative of one of my personality traits.  A friend is throwing a party.  Another friend is planning on going to said party.  Petrified at the thought of arriving at the soiree knowing only the host and thus really knowing no one since the host is never able to quality-chat with guests, there were multiple back and forths between the petrified friend and other pals, figuring when they would all arrive so that gasp! she wouldn’t have to choose between introducing herself to new people or standing awkwardly by the plant with a safety-blanket beer in hand pretending to want to be standing awkwardly by the plant with a safety-blanket beer in hand.

I’m so grateful that the thought of arriving at a party where I know very few is something that yes, scares me, but that I also enjoy.  That’s actually how I spent New Year’s Eve, choosing the party where I’d only know a few instead of the parties where I’d know everyone. It’s fascinating to me at my age that so many of us revert back to middle-school tendencies, worries, and actions.  And I don’t mean to put myself above this behavior.  While I’m a 31 year-old when it comes to going to parties solo, I definitely have my 13 year-old moments in other areas of my life.  Choosing not to list them.

Crap.  Just overheard a girl say, “You have to be really hot to have short brown hair.”  Damn that haircut.  All this pressure!