Financial Assistance

Growing up in a single-parent household with an entrepreneurial mom who valued quality of life over traditional success and traveling a career path of non-profits followed by self-employment, let’s just say it’s never been raining money where Saya stands. So she gets it. Sometimes funds are tight.

Money shouldn’t keep you from living a Life of Yes℠.

Whether it’s payment plans or scholarships, if you truly cannot afford a Mac & Cheese offering, check below to see if there’s financial assistance for the offering in which you’re interested, and if not, reach out to Saya explaining your situation and what type of assistance you’re looking for.

Current offerings are listed on the Calendar Page.

Please only ask for assistance if you truly cannot afford the cost of an offering as funds are limited and any funds that go to you lessen the amount available for others. Plus, what Mac & Cheese offers is awesome and worth its cost.

Bootcamp Scholarships

Presented by The Ironbank Mortgage Group

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