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“Saya and I met on a bus bound for Camp Good Life Project. This New York summer camp for entrepreneurs no longer exists, so I’m glad I met Saya when I did! Three years later, a girlfriend and I were brainstorming how to serve the world at our highest purpose. She said, “You need to start running EPIC networking events!” I wasn’t ready then. My business evolved, and slowly I could see the possibility myself. As I outlined ideas, I thought of Saya and wished I could create a vibe like she’s built. A week later, I received an unexpected email from Saya herself! When she mentioned (being a Chapter Leader), I didn’t hesitate. “You’ve got an easy yes from me,” I said. I’m IN! A Life of Yes means . . . starting dialogues, rather than waiting for permission. It means embracing today’s economy, refusing to live small. And it means serving others as you, uniquely, can.”

— Suzi

Suzi Hunn’s jam is helping small businesses change lives through teaching what they know. If you’re an author, podcaster, or content creator who’s ready to build a course or learning community, you may need Suzi in your life. And if you’re a purpose-driven leader who’s making an impact with your ideas, she may need you in hers. Suzi has developed engaging learning experiences for founders, authors, social-studies students, K-12 teachers, corporate franchisees, and a sales team. She believes perfectionism is an invitation to silence, that work should be meaningful, and that nobody should have to choose between mission and money. She loved her 15 years as a curriculum writer and teacher trainer at the Minnesota Historical Society. After discovering the Good Life Project podcast, she fell in love with entrepreneurship. Suzi sees today’s gig economy as an opportunity for cultivating fulfillment, building community, and generating income. She founded Teach Your Thing in 2017. Since then, she has reinforced her view that education is one of the best tools for business success.

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