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“I love the Life of Yes mission and am excited to build community here in Denver/Boulder! Life of Yes, for me, is about giving myself the opportunity to grow, even when I’m not sure exactly what direction I’m going next!”

— Katy

Katy Flatau is a people person — as in, almost everything she does involves connecting with people as they expand their happiness (mostly in their careers but in other areas too). As a human, she likes to explore relationships and locations, mess around in the kitchen (her Instapot is still smarter than her) and be tree or mountain adjacent as frequently as possible. Her favorite discovery upon moving to Colorado in 2017 was the plethora of hot springs. Professionally, as a Principal Consultant in Talent/Recruiting and an Executive Career Coach, she supports individuals and organizations in finding the best fit for their talent (or talents!). Her passion isn’t just for people, it’s for supporting individuals as they find their way to the roles that allow them to elevate their professional path. People who are in the right role at the right place are then able to measurably enhance the success of those organizations. Finding a professional path that fits your goals and allows you to feel fulfilled each day makes a massive difference to your life satisfaction.

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