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Upcoming Events

Life of Yes Meet Up to Set 1 Goal
Saturday, November 14, 2020
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM EST

Remote event – Zoom details to follow upon registration

A meet up with a quick goal setting activity to help you get unstuck and move you toward your Life of Yes. Join us with your cup of coffee (from the comfort of your own home) for some fun, human connection. This workshop will be led by Mac & Cheese Productions Chapter Leaders from Austin, Baltimore, Connecticut, and Rochester.

To Bring
– A video-capable device that has the most recent version of Zoom downloaded and is able to connect to the internet
– Note taking materials
– Food / drink if you’d like; eating during class is a-ok!
– An open mind

More details:
Curious about this Life of Yes? “You design your life. Why choose hard when you can choose easy? And is always a choice, even when it doesn’t feel like it is. Don’t be afraid to show your cracks ’cause your cracks are what allow in the light. Strive for win-wins; you’ll often end up with win-win-wins. Sometimes life sucks and it’s ok to be NO, where NO is sad, pissed, depressed, angry, but eventually, how lovely to transform NO into YES. We’re better together, even if together means with others doing your own thing. Find something that makes you happy and use it to make others happy. Categories – age, race, job, title, politics, gender, marital status, extrovert / introvert, crunch / creamy – are meaningless when you gather Life of Yes’y people”.

Meet Your Chapter Leader

“I first met Saya when I was exploring wedding venues in Chicago. She had written a feature about her wedding at Honky Tonk BBQ and as I continued exploring, I learned about Mac & Cheese and Life of Yes℠. Over time I finally became a Cheese-It and actually met Saya when I attended a productivity workshop. Eventually I fulfilled my personal development dream of attending a Life of Yes℠ Sleepaway Camp, and yes, – it exceeded my expectations. I wanted to be a Chapter Leader because life is too short not to have some fun en route. I’m a big believer in the idea that there is always something new to learn or a way to improve and I wanted to facilitate a local community that promotes self-discovery and kindness while helping to build relationships and a group connection.”

— Lauren

Lauren Rath has been living in Norwalk for 3.5 years, originally moving from Chicago for her husband’s job. While the intention was for a short term stint on the east coast, she began to realize this was where she wanted to be and has finally put down some roots. Some local favorite activities include going to Taylor Farm dog park with her 9-year-old Cockapoo, Dunkin’, relaxing at Calf Pasture Beach with friends from the city, walking the trails in Cranbury Park, or having dinner on Washington St. in SoNo. Outside of her life in Norwalk, Lauren lives a ‘Life of Yes’ full of bucket list adventures, and enjoys staying active through scuba diving, skiing, sailing, and swimming, and loves traveling anywhere that facilitates any or all of these activities. In her 9-5, Lauren is responsible for the creation and delivery of bespoke training and development programs to help leaders create legacies for themselves, their teams and their businesses through practical and impactful strategic planning initiatives, improved team dynamics and leadership coaching. She holds a graduate certification in Executive Coaching from Columbia University in New York, NY, and graduated from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA.

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