Are you off-limits?

Is there unwritten [actually, written would be more helpful] code on what you can and can’t blog about?  Who you can and can’t blog about?  Pictures you can and can’t include?

There are some subscribers to my blog who, while I love that they subscribe and that they spend precious moments of their life reading my inane ramblings, I’d sometimes rather they not be privy to my no-filter thoughts.  Thankfully my mother cares more about windmills, trains, and community gardens than about pet peeves, dating, and fashion no-no’s, so she doesn’t read my posts about birth-control or other such topics you’d rather your mother not read.

There is one post and one bullet-point in a post that I’ve deleted in the year I’ve been blogging.  The post I deleted because I was bemoaning actions taken by Mingler guests and it came to my attention that many of them tune into my words; I put the shoe on the proverbial other foot and realized it’d be very off-putting if after attending an event, I read someone complaining about or mocking me at said-event; I don’t even think I’d want someone to write about me in a flattering light.  Of course, I never use names or identifying details, or pictures if there’s a negative slant, but it’d still feel icky nonetheless.   I was asked to delete the bullet-point by the person it referenced; even though it was meant to be a compliment, I can see how it came off as a back-handed compliment, like one of those “You look so nice today!” comments which makes you wonder what the commenter thinks of your appearance on most other days.  I also surmised, incorrectly, something about the person, and she corrected me.

One of the aspects I like in others’ blogs is an author’s honesty, intricate level of detail, and relatableness.  I strive to achieve those traits.  But sometimes there’s a line you can’t/shouldn’t cross I guess.  There’s been some stuff, mostly family, friend, and dating related, that I’ve stopped myself from penning.  Figuring out how to be authentic and reflective and all-encompassing without causing discomfort to others is a tricky thing.