Another reason to act illogical and asinine in a relationship

Do you want the exes of your significant other to be goodlooking or horse-facey?  I can see both sides.

If they’re all hot, you by default must be hot as well.  And he chose you over them, so that must mean you’re the most hot.  But then what if he realizes that [insert name] is really hotter than you, and subsequently breaks up with you to go back with her?  Physical looks are the basis of any relationship, no?

If the exes are not much to look at, does that mean you too are a plain jane?  Or does that mean you should revel in the fact that he’s moved up the good-looks ladder in dating you, because of course you’re stunningly beautiful, and thus you have nothing to worry about as far as him ever leaving you for the past because who would leave brie for processed cheese food?

Of course, none of this should matter because what’s important is the person’s heart and morals and intelligence and sense of humor and how often he volunteers at a soup kitchen and how often he calls his mom and how his paella tastes…