Mac & Cheese Productions℠ is a lifestyle business that provides creative solutions to common problems born out of a feeling that being an adult was a lot harder than it should be. That life could be easier. Meeting people, choosing a career, finding fulfillment, all that jazz.

Mac & Cheese utilizes play, innovation, and comfortable fear to help individuals find fulfillment and groups a positive culture, addressing universal stressors such as cultivating relationships, comparison disease, and answering “What do I want to do in life?”

It demonstrates the power of yes.

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Life of Yes℠

It’s a trademark and a tagline. It’s a mindset, philosophy, source of guidance. It’s the foundation of Mac & Cheese Productions℠.

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General FAQ

Want to grab coffee or pick Saya’s brain? Need a recommendation of a Service Provider or venue? Wonder what tech tools Saya loves? Why the name “Mac & Cheese Productions℠”?

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Offerings FAQ

For FAQs about specific M&C goodness:

Saya's Book

One of Head Cheese-It Saya’s current big To Do’s is to pen a book. It’s featured here because if you feature a To Do, out of fear of failure, how you’ll look if you don’t succeed, and because you’re Type A who breaks out in hives when there are too many items on the To Do List for too long, it’ll become a crossed off item. Right?

A working title is Where Do I Sit at Lunch?, Will I Be Picked Last?, Why Hasn’t He Called?, Do You Have a Plunger? and Other Heartbreaking Quandaries You Survive & Turn Into a Successful Business Marriage Life.

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