$2500 in cash for your fear!

What people who are taking risks look like

Who likes cash?  $2500 sound good?

Combine that question with these questions about the past year —

Did you experiment? Take risks? Did you highlight a failure from your past that’s helping shape the future? Share a big idea that will inspire others to dream big? Were you… Fearless?

…and if you answered yes, and you’re a non-profit, you need to enter this contest!

The Case Foundation, via the DoGooder Awards, shines a spotlight on all the innovative ways that nonprofits use video.  The contest is about moving the field of nonprofit video forward and encouraging cause-video creators to try new approaches that make their work different.

You know I love trying new things.  You know I love taking risks.  You know I love helping others try new things and take risks.  So much so, I curate a program called Fear Experiment.

And wow, look at that, kismet — Fear Experiment tickets just went on sale!  Don’t miss this opportunity to see the magic that happens when people push themselves and embrace the quote “If you are not willing to look stupid, nothing great is ever going to happen to you.”  (I wish I could attribute that nugget to Aristotle or Maya Angelou but the wisdom is from the TV show House.)

Regardless, it’s gold and spot-on.

So, enter the DoGooder contest (hurry, 2/29 deadline!), come see non-dancers and non-improvisers perform in front of 750 at the Park West on 4/28/12, and do something a little scary today yourself!  Even if it’s just ordering whole instead of skim in your cinnamon dolce latte this morning.  Who knows?  The guy behind you might be so attracted to a girl who doesn’t count calories, he’ll ask you out on the spot, you’ll get married, and you’ll have fearless babies together.

If that in fact happens, PLEASE report back.