dating rubik’s cube

dating rubik’s cube is Mac & Cheese Productions’s first film, made for $150, and was a way for Saya to explore what it meant to produce a film from start to finish, wearing all the hats – producer, videographer, audio tech, editor, distributor… Twelve people, from age 24 to 41, from teachers to investment bankers to musicians, from the single to the married to the divorced, from a variety of Chicago neighborhoods, get personal on all things relationships – 60 minutes of fast-paced dating vignettes.


    • Best Short Documentary, Illinois International Film Festival, September 2006
    • Nominated for Best Documentary, Pumelo Film Festival, Mumbai, India, March 2007

What Others are Saying

    • Dating Rubik’s Cube pretty much encapsulates everything that is good and bad about the dating scene in Chicago, and it does so with a surprising amount of honesty. It’s also one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time.”
    • “Absolutely captivating. I didn’t want the movie to end! Interesting to finally hear firsthand what girls are thinking about!”
    • “A validation that you’re not the only one who had to experience awkward tongue tonsilling at the end of a date and inspiration to keep looking.”

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Makes a great gift, or entertainment for a girls’ night, bachelorette/bachelor party, or a night-in!

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